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It takes plenty of natural talent, confidence and sheer hard work to perform when thrust into the spotlight to host an event, as veteran Singaporean emcee Sharlyn Lim can probably tell you.

“First of all, we begin on a stage that separates us from the audience. You’ve to know your script, reach out and connect with the audience while being mindful of certain taboo issues. The same method of ‘rah-rahing’ the crowd may not even work with every audience you get,” she says, flashing a knowing look.

Yet here stands a beautiful young lady who has hosted hundreds of events both in Singapore and abroad; across three continents. These range from keynotes and seminars of IT giant IBM and international bank OCBC, to high fashion events for designer label Marc Jacobs and skincare label Bioessence and even stage events at shopping malls or Family Days.

She has even shared the stage with international celebrities like Taiwanese pop group S.H.E, Investment Guru Jim Rogers and certain Hongkong TVB stars.

So how does Sharlyn Lim do it?

Learning Anew

Learning Anew

Apart from an excellent command of both English and Mandarin , school has also armed this versatile and highly sought-after emcee with an extensive general knowledge; a powerful tool which she brings into her shows and uses it with her familiarity with current affairs to help audiences better relate to the message she puts across.


Sharlyn’s effervescent and cheerful personality has also does her good in this industry; it is practically impossible not to like this athletic girl.
Crowd Control

Crowd Control

Sharlyn’s quick-wittedness in impromptu situations and fast response to sudden changes has won her the respect of many clients.
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    • An extract from her blog: My fabulous emcee, Sharlyn for the entire wedding! I spotted her moments before the banquet started and delighted to have this photo taken with her. SHE IS SUCH AN AWESOME EMCEE I tell you, like seriously. She’s not just a pretty face, but so darn talented in what she does best – a bilingual host. Sharlyn has done many huge events for emcee throughout her career  so I was elated when she could make it out of her precious time to host my wedding. I had SO MANY COMPLIMENTS for her from my guests after the wedding. Everyone came to me, and one of the comments every feedback came was for her! Everyone was wondering how I had such a wonderful emcee that was SO FLUENT in both English and Mandarin. She’s a rare find for a pretty, stunning, talented and professional emcee in Singapore and I got to give it to her. What I loved most about her is her professionalism and enthusiasm, that made the wedding atmosphere so delightful and sophisticated. Apart from this, Sharlyn’s rates are VERY VERY reasonable. I got quotations from a dozen companies that costs in high four digit figures -.-” If you’re looking for a professional and bilingual, fluent emcee for any events, you should definitely check her out!
      Jennifer Oh,
    • Clients and I thank you again for hosting our trade event this year! They felt it was a great event and you have threaded it together nicely, as the host. Thanks for your hard work.
      Tabitha Ang, Weber Shandwick,
    • Sharlyn’s dynamic, entertaining and uplifting presentation style has earned her the reputation of being one of the most charismatic female emcee of our time. She has been highly sought after as a presenter and emcee, hosting hundreds of keynotes and seminars to groups including IBM, Deloitte, Proctor & Gamble, PCCW, and OCBC. She's clearly our choice when it comes to proposing seminar emcee. She keeps track of topics, veer speakers back on track, keeps to time and has excellent camaraderie with clients and crew.
      Vincent Choy, CEO of All Events Group,
    • Lauded for her natural hosting style and her ability to blend with people from all walks of life, Sharlyn has hosted numerous Award Dinners, Ministerial Galas, Shopping Malls Activities, as well as Grassroots Events. A true chameleon, Sharlyn remains one of the few compères in the industry who is able to host effectively in both Mandarin and English and is able to switch effortlessly between the 2 languages. She's an extremely versatile compère we love working with.
      Larry Tay, Managing Director of E-Quezt,
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