• Jennifer’s Wedding Testimonial

    Spot gorgeous, head turning babe – my fabulous emcee, Sharlyn for the entire wedding! I spotted her moments before the banquet started and delighted to have this photo taken with her. SHE IS SUCH AN AWESOME EMCEE I tell you, like seriously. She’s not just a pretty face, but so darn talented in what she does best – a bilingual host. Sharlyn has done many huge events for emcee throughout her career  so I was elated when she could make it out of her precious time to host my wedding. I had SO MANY COMPLIMENTS for her from my guests after the wedding. Everyone came to me, and one of the comments every feedback came was for her! Everyone was wondering how I had such a wonderful emcee that was SO FLUENT in both English and Mandarin. She’s a rare find for a pretty, stunning, talented and professional emcee in Singapore and I got to give it to her. What I loved most about her is her professionalism and enthusiasm, that made the wedding atmosphere so delightful and sophisticated. Before the wedding I spoke to many people about hiring an emcee and everyone agreed it was important to find an outstanding emcee to ensure the banquet goes smoothly as well as for the guest to enjoy their banquet. Many suggestions also came for me to get friends to stand in the banquet but nothing beats a professional emcee that’s confident and eloquent, isn’t it. I cannot stand emcees who try to crack cold jokes hoping the crowd would laugh with them, if you know what I mean. Apart from this, Sharlyn’s rates are VERY VERY reasonable. I got quotations from a dozen companies that costs in high four digit figures -.-” And one of my friend who recently had her banquet hired such an expensive emcee to find out during the banquet that her emcee cannot make it and was such a difficult one (the emcee wanted the bride to provide dinner from outside, like ask the bride to buy dinner for her before she starts hosting. I mean seriously you want the bride to wear her gown to buy dinner for you when she’s paying you a four digit figure just to host for 3 hours? -.-”)

    Anyway during the preparation of my wedding, I met many people who helped me along the way to ensure that everything goes smoothly and Sharlyn is definitely one of the angels. I found her on this website – if you’re looking for a professional and bilingual, fluent emcee for any events, you should definitely check her out!

  • Texas Instruments Supplier Excellence Award Presentation

    Rewarding the suppliers of Texas Instruments!

  • Singapore Children’s Society Charity Gala 2014

    Fun and enjoyable night with these people here WDA Training Provider 😀

  • Shangrila CSR Event

    Participated in the CSR Event which I find it meaningful to be part of the event.

  • SGX Derivatives Night @ Beer Market, SGX Iron Ore Gala Dinner 2014 & SGX Iron Ore Welcome Reception & AsiaClear Awards Night

    SGX Events. Had an enjoyable day with lots of fun with Corporate Zumba Singapore.

  • Rigel Technology Groundbreaking Event

    Rigel Technology Groundbreaking ceremony. Minister Mr Teo Ser Luck attended this ceremony of the Rigel Innovation Hub.

  • Popular Bookfest

    The one place where you will see plenty of different genres of books. A mass hall filled with books. Artist Ben Yeo was here too!

  • Opening of Sony new store @313 Somerset

    New Sony Store @ 313 Somerset!

  • Laneige Launch of All-New Water Bank Series

    Glad to be part of this new product launch.

  • Launch of Philosophy Time-In-a-Bottle

    New product launch by Philosophy – daily age-defying serum.

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