Crowd Control

Like the seasoned emcee that she is, Sharlyn reads crowds easily.

“The energy emitted by the crowd is picked up by me instantly. Intuitively I’ll know if the crowd is dead, difficult-to-handle, or filled with outrageously fun people. Based on that, I’ll work my way through them,” Sharlyn says with a confident smile.

Dealing with a “dead” audience is just one of the many challenges Sharlyn has learnt to overcome through her years of hosting experience.

“When audience is apathetic, it’s usually because they aren’t comfortable. So I break the ice; I’d play some games, or simply speak their lingo and blend in with the crowd. If all else fails, target a group of people or an individual to speak to and get him or her to speak up and rally the crowd to participate,” says Sharlyn.

Sharlyn’s quick-wittedness in impromptu situations and fast response to sudden changes has won her the respect of many clients.

“Strangely, I rely a lot on intuition and tweak my emceeing style spontaneously. I can’t describe much; it’s just a natural flair to pick up fast,” Sharlyn describes this gift.

It almost seems like Sharlyn was made for this job, and she agrees wholeheartedly.

“To borrow a line from Confucius, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Well, I know I’ve found it!” she laughs.