Learning Anew

Apart from an excellent command of both English and Mandarin (which she switches between effortlessly), school has also armed this versatile and highly sought-after emcee with an extensive general knowledge; a powerful tool which she brings into her shows and uses it with her familiarity with current affairs to help audiences better relate to the message she puts across.

Her early stint as an air stewardess with Singapore Airlines has also allowed her to see the world to bring a global experience with plenty of enjoyable anecdotes into her shows.

“Rather than just relying purely on given scripts, I perform my own research and read up on the client’s business before every show. Then I’ll internalise the key information and articulate in my own style, so as to breathe life into my shows, rather than merely reading or regurgitating scripts,” Sharlyn explains, giving us a peek at the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.

“I think a professional emcee is serious about his or her work and getting a firm grasp on background information is homework that an emcee ought to do before embarking on a project,” she adds on, before lamenting that not many emcees make that effort.

Also, thanks to years of dealing with last minute script changes just before hosting “Live” broadcasts of television shows, Sharlyn has developed a “super memory”, memorising scripts in the shortest time possible whilst under immense pressure.