Why did you enter the events line?
Having won the 2nd Runner Up for Emcee Category in National Competition – Talent Quest, pretty much convince me that I have talent in hosting and boosted my confidence in this area. Then I was also Top 10 finalist in 933 DJ Search and voted Miss Popular. Hosted on weekends for 933 Offered an DJ contract from Safra Radio 88.3 but I declined due to commitment issue.
“Prior to these, she got her start in showbiz appearing in many national commercials and live events. Sharlyn got her first real break as the host of the irreverent and popular Children Television series Happy Sunday Kids, which aired on Channel 8 in the Singapore where she engaged in interactive interviews with students from all over the island of Singapore. Lauded for her memorable interviewing style and comedic flair, Sharlyn soon discovered that she had a real knack for hosting and ran with it! Although her on-camera charisma has garnered mass appeal, Sharlyn has proven that her “kinetic energy” is just as irresistible off-camera when applied to live event hostings.”

And why as a presenter/emcee?
Lauded for her natural hosting style and her ability to blend with people from all walks of life, Sharlyn has hosted numerous Award Dinners, Ministerial Galas, Shopping Malls Activities, as well as Grassroots Events. A true chameleon, Sharlyn remains one of the few compères in the industry who is able to host effectively in both Mandarin and English and is able to switch effortlessly between the 2 languages. She prides herself as an extremely versatile compère. “
“something in the line of…coz I have the natural flair to connect with people from all walks of life and emcee exposes me to different people and events where I learnt from a multitude experience and knowledge eg smartcloud computing, wine and dine, health and beauty fair, investment talks”

How would you describe your style of emceeing?
A true chameleon, Sharlyn remains one of the few compères in the industry who is able to host effectively in both Mandarin and English and is able to switch effortlessly between the 2 languages. She prides herself as an extremely versatile compère.
Known for her effervescent personality and versatile image, clients often chose her to be their top choice emcee for their events. And Sharlyn remains the rare few who can host both high-profile events and energetic fun outdoor shows.
Quick-witted with humor. Able to improvise in impromptu situations

How do you approach events which require relatively in-depth knowledge about the client’s business and products (which you are utterly clueless about)?
I’ll google the information and read up more on the client’s business rather than just rely on what is being given to me in the scripts.
I’ll internalise the key info and articulate in my own style to make hosting more alive rather than mere reading or regurgitation of scripts. I think a professional emcee is serious about his/her work and background info are homework that one ought to have done before embarking on the project. Sadly not many emcees practice that.
Plus I have a super memory that I can memorise scripts given to me in the shortest time (all thanks to my script writer while I was hosting Happy Sunday Kids on Channel 8. She gives me last min changes to scripts in the morn when we are supposed to film. My segment is live and involves the whole class so there’s no room for mistakes. And I’ll have to learn fast and memorise fast) so I’m actually very quick-witted and fast to response to any changes. Clients are amazed at my quick wittedness in impromptu situations

How do you go about rallying an apathetic audience?
When audience is apathetic, it’s usually coz they are not comfortable. SO break the ice by playing some ice-breaker games or simply speak their lingo and blend in with the crowd. Target a group of people or an individual to speak to. Get him/her to speak up and rally the crowd in doing the activities together.

What are some of the things you look out for in the audience when hosting an event? How do you act upon these observations?
The energy. Energy emitted by the crowd are picked up by me instantly. Intutitively I’ll know if the crowd is a dead crowd, difficult-to-handle, or outrageously fun people. Then I’ll work my way through them. Strangely I relied a lot on intuition. So I’ll tweak my emceeing style spontaneously. I can’t describe much. It’s like a natural flair to pick things up.

What are some of your tricks to handling the local audience?
Humor and Laughter. Be approachable. Already we are on a stage that separates us from the audience, we have to be amicable and approachable so that the audience can relate to us. Pepper the emceeing with incidents that have just happened or news you have heard …people relate to them. Eg. In hosting a seminar and the crowd is solemn, try a more energetic opening rather than plunging straight to invite the speaker. Eg. I’ll jokingly comment that this is the forum for xyz company, if you happen to be attending the wedding of A&B, that’s next door. Just to make sure that all of you are in the right place before we start. Be casual. Speak as though you are talking to friends and audience will warm up to you.

How have your previous overseas hosting stints added value to you as an emcee? What are some of your takeaways from all your prior hosting experience?
Hosting for a myriad of crowd from different countries exposes me to work with different events and production crew. Like for HK crew works really hard and plays harder. US folks are carefree bunch of people. They taught me how to strike a balance at work. Japanese crew are more demanding but when you have achieved the standards they have expected of you, it’s very satisfying.

Essentially we have to learn that people are different with varying cultural background.
The same method of rara-ing a crowd may not work in different countries. Eg. people in US will react differently to the same joke as compared to people in China. Just be mindful of issues on racism. No political jokes. Find out what can be done and what is a taboo. Learn some local languages…audience will find it refreshing.

Confucius said: “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I think I’ve found it!